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Welcome to Surviving Religion

Surviving Religion is an exclusive Online Video Channel and Community Network, and is a safe space dedicated to all those who are victims of religion, have left religion or who are in the process of questioning religion.

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Atheists, non-believers, recovering ex-religious folk, skeptics and questioners are all welcome here.

If you’re a religious person of any faith, you are welcome to engage with this community, however, this is NOT a place for preaching or proselytising. If you want to preach and try to convert people, please go and find a church, DON’T do it here.

If you threaten, harass or stalk other members on this site, you will be REMOVED immediately and your information will be forwarded to authorities.

Surviving Religion is a television show on an exclusive social media network that brings together online television content with the ability to chat, share and learn. Think of it like Facebook on steroids!

Surviving Religion is a subscriber members site and you will be charged a small fee for your membership. You will have an opportunity to take a free trial so you can check out the site and see if it’s for you, before committing to the paid membership. If you are unhappy with your membership, you can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

We want this to be a place where ex-religious people can share without fear of judgement, with others who may be going through or have been through similar experiences.

We are NOT registered or professional counsellors and don’t pretend to be offering you professional advice. We will have a list of professionals you can consult if you have emotional or mental health issues you need to discuss.

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